Wednesday, 12 September 2018


For the last 3 weeks in Rimu we have been doing inquiry about the environment. we need one main question and then we need to brack that down into 4 sub-questions, mine is what is pollution? My 4 sub-question are what types of pollution is there, how is pollution affecting marine life, how can people, communities and governments stop pollution. 

Friday, 7 September 2018

10 minute writing challenge.

Today we had to do a 10 minute writing challenge thing, that is when we look at a photo that the teacher shows us and we need to mack a story about it in 10 minutes. The photo was a gay stuck in a wall. Here is my thing about it.
This is a story about how a man got stuck in a wall it was in the 25th century he was on a mission to get the rest of the people that were going against the Federation. He was sent on a mission to get them to a Federation prison on Earth he was going to get beamed down and surprise then but there was one problem, he hated being beamed to places because it could go wrong when he gets turned into millions of pits and not get put back together, or he could end up in space or another random place. No, he didn't do it, but he was the only one who could find them so he had to he got some strength and did it but then he beamed into a wall and his family was so sad and they went into a mental health center because the went crazy. and was stuck there forever so if you don't like being beamed then don't beam you this could happen.  

the other one is about what my shows would say if they could talk. We had to do a diary entry. Here is is.

Dear diary.

My master's feet stink! The stink like the poo of lion poo like of lion poo could poo that is what the small like. And to make matters worse he isn't having a shower agent that has been three months without a shower, that is a new record. And we had crunchy today as well and that mead them all sweaty and now I stink and I got put in the wash if you ask me I think that he should go in there. I really had my life I wish that he would throw me away and get another pair of them. Mmmm pear tow game I have an idea I will put some of his toe jam in his pear and see how he likes it. And then will run away and never see those stinky feet agen.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Today in Rimu we did our mini-inquiry. We had to take notes about what we are researching in our group work. My group was doing water pollution here is a photo of the slide that has my notes on it. 
I think that is was a bit hard because I wasn't here on Monday because I was sick.


Thursday, 30 August 2018


The book that we are reading as a class is the book Refuge. Here is a photo of the cover. 
It is a book about three children and their families who are trying to escape the country they are in. The stores are true as well and they happened about 75 years apart and apparently, all of them have sumthing in common. The names of the three kids are Josef, Isabel, and Mahmoud. And we are about a quarter way through. if anyone one us has read this can you please comment on this blog and tell me what happens.

Friday, 24 August 2018


Last Wednesday we had to do speeches. I had to go up and to it. Here is the speech that I did.

Are you tired of seeing rubbish everywhere? Seeing on the news all of the animals that have died because they have eaten rubbish? Did you know that from the 1780s to the 1830s humans have been polluting the ocean. If you are tired of it then I think that you will like this speech?

Hi, I'm Mikael and I am here to talk to you about some things and it is mainly rubbish. For too long humans have been polluting the earth and I am here to persuade you to agree with me if you don't already.

I think that humans have been polluting the ocean for a long time and I don't like it. When you put rubbish in the ocean most of it ends up on the Islands if it doesn't get eaten by animals. If humans don't stop polluting the ocean then sooner or later a lot of sea animals will be gone. Did you know that over 6.3 billion kg of rubbish is dumped in the ocean every year. Normal plastic talks about 450 years to break down if it doesn't end up is an animal's stomach. That is a long time especially because humans normally live to about 80 or more  Here are some photos of the Islands that are covered in plastic and animals that have eaten plastic. It’s not nice, is it? To see all of those poor animals dead all because they thought that that piece of rubbish was food. And the Islands, imagine how beautiful the would be if they weren't covered in rubbish. I think that we need to make a stand and stop polluting the ocean.

If everyone one that is polutting the sea keeps ignoring everyone that is telling them to stop them, imagine what the earth will be like in 10 years or 20 years. The amount of rubbish in the sea will outnumber the amount of fish because 100,000 marine life is killed by rubbish around the world every year. And one million seabirds are killed every year. But if we stop polluting the ocean then there will be a lot of fish in the ocean. And a lot of birds in the sky.

So in conclusion, I hope that you agree with me and if you do then please don’t litter and help save the sea.

I came in third place.


Last Wednesday we went to the eco landfill. We had to learn the 5 Rs, the photos are below... We also saw how the machinery works. Here is a photo of one.
Next we went to the Eco shop. We had a budget of $500 but it wasn't real. We had to go into the shop and buy stuff that we will need for a flat. Me and my buddy went over the budget a bit so we had to get rid of the fancy knife and fork we got.

Friday, 17 August 2018

math week

The past week in Rimu we have been making a tiny house. First, we had to look at the instructions on the board. Here they are.  Then we had to mack a  rough draft. Here it is.
Then we had to color in the walls and the floor and the roof. Then we had to put the furniture together and put it in the house. Our house is a medieval-themed that is why it is black and read. Then we had to mack it detailed and we aren't very good at here is our finish thing. we also had to find the area and perimeter of  the furniture.