Friday, 6 July 2018

Term 2 Reflection.

Today in Rinu we had to make a Term 2 Reflection thing. we had to mack a doc and write some questions and answer then we had to have 200 to 250 words. Then we had to draw a picture  Here is what I have done.

Term 2 Reflection.

What's worked well? What I’m proud of this term? I think that my reading has gone well because I moved up a level and I think I am quite good at it. This term I am proud of my independent writing story because it has 1,529 words in it which is the most words that I have in any stories that I have written.

How have I shown my YMS Hero qualities [when and how]? I have shown my YMS Here qualities when I have helped people in my grup when the don't understand the work we have to do but I do.   

Are there some things that haven't gone well for me? I think that writing sometimes hasn't gone well for me is because I am no good at spelling, but I think I am good at the writing part. Because I quit like writing made up stories.

What challenged me and how did I work through the challenge?  I think that my maths has challenged me because sometimes I don't understand what we need to do, but then I ask somebody in my group or the teacher and I ended up understanding it.

What will be my focus for next term? I think that my focus for next term will be to improve my spelling and get better at maths because I don't think that I am very good at it. And I want to be able to spell better.

Thursday, 5 July 2018


This week In Rimu we have been doing geometry and measurement. Here is what I have done.


For the past term in Rimu for writing. On some day´s we have been doing poetry. We have done Acrostic poetry, Haiku, cinquain, Shape poem, and alliteration. here are the poems that I have done.

Friday, 29 June 2018


This week in Rimu we are making a newspaper. I haven't finished it yet but here is what I have done so far. It is about the Gruffalo because we had to improve a report that a little kid wrote. I want some feedback about it like does it look like a newspaper report and how can I make it better.

Yaldhurst newspaper

The Gruffalo
This is a photo of the Gruffalo, the mouse is
There is the one who scares the Gruffalo away in the story.
People might have seen him in a book. People might think he is not real but they are wrong. Somebody mister Bob said

“ I saw him on Monday the 15 of September 1016, it was quite terrifying his work on his nose was like a big hunk on

mold, his claws like a razor sharp knife.his spikes as pointy as a sharp spear,  but all you have to say to get him away is my favorite food is Gruffalo crumble.”

If you see him please don't call the cops just help him to go home maybe give him some food if you have any. And if he is near anyone and annoying that person just says that your favorite food Gruffalo crumble.    
Image result for McDonald's adsImage result for pak'nsave adsImage result for kfc adsImage result for Hoyts ads

The ederter of this story is Mikael Wierkx. He says “my first job as an editor was to a story about Star wars but this was my best one yet. I studied my job in 4983 b.c.e. But my first job was working at NASA in 8782 b.c but then I got to old and went to newspapers.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Maths blog post

This week in Rimu we are doing measurements. Here is a poster I maed to show about measurements.

Km         M Cm             Mm
Felds.         Trees chromebooks         pencil.
Roads         tabils.    Books   watchs.

Image result for treeImage result for tableImage result for watchImage result for book We got some slides to do about measurements.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Free writing.

For writing sometimes I have been working on a free writing story. It is about a person who is going down the Amazon river. And then he starts to get dizzy and gets brought back in time to when dragons are real. but their is  monster that is killing the dragons and tris to kill him. It isn't done yet but when it is I will blog about it. Here is what I have so far.

There I was, face to face with a vicious monster on the edge of a volcano. I was on the very rimm of the   volcano nearly falling into the mouth of the volcano. It looked like I was staring into a big monster mouth filled with Burning firere laver. Then the unthinkable happened…

There I was going down the amazon river. Then I started to feel dizzy, the earth started to spin. Then I found myself in the middle of nowhere I looked around. I thought I was going crazy. I saw dragons lots and lots of dragons, there were dragons for miles Then out of the dragons I saw something I wish I could forget. There was a hideous monster. It was covered in big green slimy scales, it looked as if his teeth were all made of gold and they were covered in blood. Then he looked at me, he started to walk towards me then it stuten to run so I ran to. I was running as fast as I could but I knew he was ganeing. Then I saw a dragon flying quit low so I ran up a bent tree the I jumped and hold onto the claws for dear life. It took me away to its nest when it was about to land I let go of the claws. I ran away to the edge of a Mountain. I saw it was about to be night to I decided to make a little camp.

In the morning I went out to look for something to use as a weapon. I found some old dragon claws and skin. Great I thought I can make some weapons out of thes dragon clos and some good armor aou of the dragon scales then I will blend in more and the monster won't be able to recognize me that Easily. So I went back up to the mountain lucky it wasn't that High and it was quit ease to climb because I could use the claws to help me. When I got up there I saw
 Not only the dragon the I hald on to to get to the muntin but I also saw another one and it was sitting on the nest. Then I knew what was happening the other dragon was sitting on the nest because it was sitting on some eggs. So I walked   around then and went to my hutt. Luckily they took no notice if me. When I got to my hut I started to make sum weapons and sum armer. When I got back up onto the mountain I go to work making weapons and armor. It took me all day but finally I was finished. I made one axe out of the claws and one sword. When he put the arme on he found something out, if I went up to a tree and touch it I would turn the colour of the tree and if I touch a rock I would turn the colour of it. And the same with everything, if I touch it I would turn that color. This is so cool I thought now I can get that monster. Just then one of the dragons came up to me and started to push me towards the nest. When I looked in I saw the cutest thing that I ever saw. There was a baby dragon it was so small, it had big green eyes and it had black scales and a long black tail. And small black wings. When I looked at it it looked back at me then it yawned
and jumped on me and started to sleep. I tried to get him of but he wont bug so I had to sit there until he woke up. Eventually I went to sleep as well. When I woke up it was night time. I tried to get back to my hut but the baby dragon wa still on my shoulder and the other two dragons where making a circle around me and the dragon.  When I woke up the dragons were gone, the baby was still asleep but it Wasn't on my shoulder it was on the grund, it mutif fall of in the middle of the night. Just then I saw two dragons flying towards the mountain. I pick it up the sleeping dragon and went to my hutt o dam this isn't good, I thought there are to wind dragons flying towards the mountain. I look’t out of my hutt and I saw the dragons. Wait, I said those are the baby dragons parents. So I went out of the hutt and went to the dragons. Thay put some fish on the ground. Great, I said I’ll cook thes up and we'll have some breakfast. So I cook´t them up, well for me anyway, the dragons like them raw. After that I decided I should explore the place. I got my armor on and grabbed my weapons and started to climb down the muntin. But the dragons pulled me back up. What are you doing, I seed. They didn't answer of course. Man, I´v been alone for so long I'm talking to the dragons I thought. I got up sgrat and went back to the edge of the muntin. Then one of the dragons put their head and back down and looked at me. O you want me to go into your back. Well i've never flown a dragon before but I'll give it a try. So I climbed onto his back and flew of. We had been flying around for about 30 minutes and we have seen nothing interesting. But then we heard a cry a dragon cry. What was that, I seed. It sounded like a dragon in trouble. Well better go check it out I seed.
When we got there I saw the dragon in trouble, it was backed  up against a tree and in front of it was the monster. The monster had it against a tree and was about to kill the dragon and eat it. We had to do something. So I snuck up behind the monster with my axe and hit him right between the sonder blades. The I drag it down and pulled it out. Blood poured  everywhere and the monster screamed in pain. Then the monster turned round and looked straight at me. Then he gave out a all mighty roar. I turned around and ran as fast as I could. Bet when I looked over my shoulder the monster was chasing after me I had ever ran so fast in my life and I couldn't go any faster. But I saw the dragon that it was about to eat fly away. The, out of the corner of my eye. I saw the boy dragon flying towards me. I jumped up and held onto his claws. Then he flew up and I climbed onto his back.well that's enuff exploring for one day I sead. When we got back I said I think I need to name your dragons so I named  the boy dragon Tornado, and I named the girl one Ivy. I looked at the baby one [who wasn't atchley a baby anymore but a teenager.] and thought for a bit. I looked at his mouth he had to teeth so I decided to cool him Toothless. I was cuming night time and all that running made me tired. So I went to my makeshift bed made out of lef’s. In the morning I thought about how I achley got here, in the past. When I heard a terrifying roar, I looked outside and I saw the monster. I was climbing up the muntin. So I got a big rock and posht it of the mountain. But the monster opened his mouth and ate it. So I got on Tornado and shot him with fire. He lost his grip and fall down and hit the ground. But he didn't die

Friday, 8 June 2018

Pop art.

This week in Rimu we did pop art. Pop art is words pop boom splosh.and other words like that. the word for that is onomatopoeia. After, we made one of our own. Here is mine.
Pop art is a art that has layers of bright colours. It also has pointillism in it symptoms. somebody who did it is Roy Lichtenstein.`