Wednesday, 20 February 2019


At the start of the year in Rimu we had to do a who am I slide, Here is mine.

We also had to go onto Link-ed and copy and past our goals into this
These are my goals for 2019. This year I want to be able to do all of my goals. I also want to finish everything at manual. and be better at maths. 

Thursday, 6 December 2018

paddle boarding.

Last Wednesday the year 7&8 went paddle boarding at lake Rua. When we got there we got to have a little bit of food and then we got a ore. Then we had to get into 2 groups. One of the groups had to blow up a big board and one of them went on  the little ones I got to go on the little ones.
Then we we were finished on the little ones we had lunch and went on the big one. The other group fell of the big one but my group didn't. At the very end we had a relay race and my group was the winner. Then we all got to play in the water for about 5 minutes and we all splashed Mrs Taylor.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Summer learning journey prep 2.

Today in Rimu we had to to the other activities on the summer learning journey. we are pretending to go to the country that we chose to find stuff out about it. we need to go on a plane with our curious kiwi that came with us. we had to watch 2 safety videos and we had to choose our top 3 safety tips and write them down. Here they are. 1, if an emergency happiness put your hand on your head. 2, don't smoke on the plain. 3, always wear your seat belt. we also had to recommend a book to the curious kiwi that came with us forget his book that he was going to read so we haft to recommend one to him and tell him some facts about it. I like the book Under the mountain. It is about to twins that get lost in the forest when they were little and an old man saves them then when they are older they saw them again and he tells them that they are from another planet and have telepathy.     

Monday, 3 December 2018

Summer learning journey prep.

today in rimu we had a person from the Summer learning journey come and we had to pick a country to study so I chose Germany. We had to research and arnster some questions about it, here are the arnsteres. The capital of germany is Berlin. The population of Berlin is 3.575 million. In january the weather is usually a hi of 3 degrees and a low of -2 degrees. The capital is in the eastern side of germany. The languages most commonly spoken in berlin is german but it you don't know german they should know english. Here are 3 fun facts about Germany. 1, there are 110,00 dogs in Germany. 2, there is 250 grams of gold. 3, there is half a million foreigners.
To find this info I used google. I now hope you know a bit more about germany.

pet day afternoon.

After we made the sand sources and vegetable sculptures all of the school went outside to see some duck herding. Here is a photo of it. 
After we saw the duck herding we saw some sheep shearing. This is the sheep before it happened. 
This is the sheep after it was shared.
At 1:45 the pets started to come. There were cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, horse and even chickens.  
Then we had the hobby horse race. Here are some photos.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Pet day moring.

Today at Yaldhurst it is pet day. That is when we can bring our pets and put them up for judging. We can also bring a pet rock to a soft toy. I brought a soft toy but no live animal. We also mack ether a sand sculpture or vegetable sculpture. I maed a vegetable sculpture it is meant to be a barbeque but it didn't work that well because the legs and the top fell of. here is a photo of it.
some of my friends made a car and a crab. We also get to participate in a hobby horse race.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Book character day.

Last Thursday at Yaldhurst school it was book character day because it was book week.  I came as a Piratet and one of my friends came as his is 10 years. He said that he will be a soccer player and that there will be books written about him. Here are some photos. One of my favorite one is the school was someone that was Thanos.