Friday, 9 November 2018


The past week in Rimu for writing we have been doing Traditional Fairy Tails. Yesterday and today in my group we learning how to put direct speech into our sentences. We had to look through all the sentences and put the correct speech marks, commas, question marks exclamation marks. Here are some of them.

"I know what I want for my birthday", said Tina, "A brand new car".
"Run!" shouted Sally, "The dog is after us"
"Is that my bag?" asked Daniel, "I thought I’d lost it"

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Today in rimu we had to write a recount about our sailing day. Here is my story.

On the Friday the 2nd of November most of the class went salling and it was really fun I was looking ford to it ever since I had known that we were going. There was about 1 or 2 people that werent there. The bus left at about 9:00, the lake that we went to was really close so it didn't take long to get there. When I looked at the water it was as blue as the sky.

The first thing we did when we got there is we put our bags down on some tapolines and then we all sat down and listened to the people there. I think they just talked about safety and stuff like that I can't really remember much. Then they showed us how to rig the boats.

I can't really remember it step by step but the first thing we had to do was get a buddy, my buddy was Eben. then when the person told us to go and find a boat we ran strat to a nice read one that we had our eyes on since we saw it.  When we got there Eben stayed at the boat and I ran to get a mast, ruder and a center board and a stick that I can't remember the name of that we we need to put the mast up.
When we had put the boat together we all went back and listened to the person and he said that we had to practice how to sit down on the side of the boat and move the rudder. Then we had to practice how to make the boat go faster and slower. All you have to do is pull a piece of rope that is throw about 3 pulley senstime things I can't remember the real name and that makes the boat go faster and slower.

Then the people in motor boats got some of the sail boats and puned them across the water and to a little place where the puneed them on the beach thing and then we all had terns going in it. Even though I have been sailing before it is still a little hard. what I was coming back into the land I started going as fast as a slithering snake.
But after a while the wind started to pick up and 2 people capsized.
And one of the people that capsized was Eben and he cut his leg and. Then we went sailing for a bit more and then we had to take the boats apart and put the bits back in the placeres that we got them but the mast we had to but is the containers. Then we got on the but and whent back to school.

In summary, I felt excited at the start of the day because I have only been sailing once and it was really fun. At the end of the day, I felt, sad and disappointed because we had to leave and I made so many fun memories.

Friday, 2 November 2018


This week in my maths group we have to finish these slides. I have only done a few slides but here is one of the ones that I have to do. 
For this slide, you need 2 people because it is a game. I just did it with my Self because there was nobody to do it with.

Thursday, 1 November 2018


For the past 2 weeks in Rimu, we have been doing recounts. One of the recounts that I have done is the one about athletes. The bit that was hard writing it is probably that I haven't really written many recounts. When we had finished writing it we had to go a buddy and read each other's one and then say what we think can be improved. I had to put more description in. Then before we blog it we have to present in it a cool way. Here is mine.

Friday, 26 October 2018


Last Tuesday I finished writing my independent writing story. It took me about 2 terms but I didn't work on it every day.  Here is the finished thing.

There I was, face to face with a vicious monster on the edge of a volcano. I was on the very rim of the volcano nearly falling into the mouth of the volcano. It looked like I was staring into a big monster mouth filled with Burning fiery laver. Then, the unthinkable happened…

There I was going down the Amazon river. Then I started to feel dizzy, the earth started to spin. Then I found myself in the middle of nowhere I looked around. I thought I was going crazy. I saw dragons lots and lots of dragons, there were dragons for miles Then out of the dragons I saw something I wish I could forget. There was a hideous monster. It was covered in big green slimy scales, it looked as if his teeth were all made of gold and they were covered in blood. Then he looked at me, he started to walk towards me then it stuten to run so I ran to. I was running as fast as I could but I knew he was ganeing. Then I saw a dragon flying quit low so I ran up a bent tree the I jumped and hold onto the claws for dear life. It took me away to its nest when it was about to land I let go of the claws. I ran away to the edge of a Mountain. I saw it was about to be night time to I decided to make a little camp.

In the morning I went out to look for something to use as a weapon. I found some old dragon claws and skin. Great I thought I can make some weapons out of thes dragon clos and some good armor aou of the dragon scales then I will blend in more and the monster won't be able to recognize me that Easily. So I went back up to the mountain lucky it wasn't that High and it was quit ease to climb because I could use the claws to help me. When I got up there I saw
 Not only the dragon the I hald on to to get to the muntin but I also saw another one and it was sitting on the nest. Then I knew what was happening the other dragon was sitting on the nest because it was sitting on some eggs. So I walked   around then and went to my hutt. Luckily they took no notice if me. When I got to my hut I started to make some weapons and sum armer. When I got back up onto the mountain I go to work making weapons and armor. It took me all day but finally I was finished. I made one axe out of the claws and one sword. When he put the arme on he found something out, if I went up to a tree and touch it I would turn the colour of the tree and if I touch a rock I would turn the colour of it. And the same with everything, if I touch it I would turn that color. This is so cool I thought now I can get that monster. Just then one of the dragons came up to me and started to push me towards the nest. When I looked in I saw the cutest thing that I ever saw. There was a baby dragon it was so small, it had big green eyes and it had black scales and a long black tail. And small black wings. When I looked at it it looked back at me then it yawned
and jumped on me and started to sleep. I tried to get him of but he wont bug so I had to sit there until he woke up. Eventually I went to sleep as well. When I woke up it was night time. I tried to get back to my hut but the baby dragon wa still on my shoulder and the other two dragons where making a circle around me and the dragon.  When I woke up the dragons were gone, the baby was still asleep but it Wasn't on my shoulder it was on the grund, it must have fallen off in the middle of the night. Just then I saw two dragons flying towards the mountain. I pick it up the sleeping dragon and went to my hutt o dam this isn't good, I thought there are to wind dragons flying towards the mountain. I look’t out of my hutt and I saw the dragons. Wait, I said those are the baby dragons parents. So I went out of the hutt and went to the dragons. Thay put some fish on the ground. Great, I said I’ll cook thes up and we'll have some breakfast. So I cook´t them up, well for me anyway, the dragons like them raw. After that, I decided I should explore the place. I got my armor on and grabbed my weapons and started to climb down the muntin. But the dragons pulled me back up. What are you doing, I seed. They didn't answer of course. Man, I´ve been alone for so long I'm talking to the dragons I thought. I got up sgrat and went back to the edge of the muntin. Then one of the dragons put their head and back down and looked at me. O you want me to go into your back. Well, i've never flown a dragon before but I'll give it a try. So I climbed onto his back and flew of. We had been flying around for about 30 minutes and we have seen nothing interesting. But then we heard a cry a dragon cry. What was that, I seed. It sounded like a dragon in trouble. Well better go check it out I seed.
When we got there I saw the dragon in trouble, it was backed  up against a tree and in front of it was the monster. The monster had it against a tree and was about to kill the dragon and eat it. We had to do something. So I snuck up behind the monster with my axe and hit him right between the sonder blades. The I drag it down and pulled it out. Blood poured  everywhere and the monster screamed in pain. Then the monster turned round and looked straight at me. Then he gave out a all mighty roar. I turned around and ran as fast as I could. Bet when I looked over my shoulder the monster was chasing after me I had ever ran so fast in my life and I couldn't go any faster. But I saw the dragon that it was about to eat fly away. The, out of the corner of my eye. I saw the boy dragon flying towards me. I jumped up and held onto his claws. Then he flew up and I climbed onto his back. Well, that's enough exploring for one day I said. When we got back I said I think I need to name your dragons so I named  the boy dragon Tornado, and I named the girl one Ivy. I looked at the baby one [who wasn't atchley a baby anymore but a teenager.] and thought for a bit. I looked at his mouth he had to teeth so I decided to cool him Toothless. I was becoming night time and all that running made me tired. So I went to my makeshift bed made out of lef’s. In the morning I thought about how I achley got here, in the past. When I heard a terrifying roar, I looked outside and I saw the monster. I was climbing up the muntin. So I got a big rock and posht it of the mountain. But the monster opened his mouth and ate it. So I got on Tornado and shot him with fire. He lost his grip and fall down and hit the ground. But he didn't die.
He just walked away. So I went back to my camp and had some fish for breakfast as I have had for the past month. I thought what might be up the top of the mountain. I looked at toothless who was a teenage dragon who now was an adult dragon and I looked at Tornado and Ivy and “said goodbye I will see you soon.” then I started to climb the mountain. I don't know why I didn't use a dragon and fly up but I kept climbing. When I got to the top I saw it was not a mountain, but it was a volcano. I got on my stomach and looked over the side and I saw a whole lot of laver. I stood up and through a rock in it and a burst of fire shot up. I stepped back and through another rock in this one was bigger and another burst of fire shot up as fast as a bullet coming out of a gun. I went to climb back down the mountain but when I looked over the edge I saw the monster climbing up the muntin. I thought I was seeing things I rubbed my eyes and looked again, But he was still there. I started to panic I looked for another way down but there was none. I was starting to get really nervous he was coming closer and closer he was about a meter away when I  started to do something, I threw rocks at it. But that didn't slowed him down. He was angry, angry at me for letting his diner getaway, angry at me for stabbing his shoulder bone. And now he was getting going ro get his revenge, he was going to eat me. I through one last stone at him but it made no difference. He was finley up and he was staring right at me. I was done for. I was now about a meter away from the edge of the mouth of the volcano. And he was getting closer. He was now about half a meter away from me and he was slowly getting closer I panicked, I didn't know what to do he was in front of me and the mouth of the volcano was behind me. He was now only centimeters away from me and I really thought that I was going to die and believe me when the that when you are going to die you see your life flash before your eyes, they aren't lying. But then I heard a sound of wings flapping then I saw Toothless jump in front of me and landed on the monster then he bit the monsters neck and it screamed out is pane then I saw hundreds of dragons flying toward me the ones in front were Tornado, Ivy and that other dragon that I saved from the monster. The all hoverd buy the volcano and then Toothless flow up with them and he gave an almighty roar then all the dragons stuted to shot fire at the monster and he pot his too grose hanes infront of his face and he started to walk backwards then he was on the mouth of the volcano and then he finally he fell in the volcano and then was a huge burst of laver that shot up and he was gone, he was finally gone now mor threat to the dragons and to me and that made me realize that I still need to get home but then I thought, I don’t really want to go home I like it here I like all the dragones and I love flying on then, and I don't really know how to get home and Toothless can be my dragon. This is going to be awesome.


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

novel study

This term in Rimu we are doing novel study. Each group has to read a different book that we can't choose and then we have a slide that has start of book activities, middle book activities and end of book activities and we have all answer all of them in the order of where we are in the book. My book is cooled Better for everyone. I haven't finished reading it yet but so far it is about a girl with an older brother and to twins and here parents have divorced and they go and see there dd and step mum in Sydney 3 days a year. So far I think that the book is a bit boring. Here is a photo of the front cover.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Our new book

This term in Rimu we reading a new book, it is cooled by underwater. It is about a boy that has never gone swimming in his life because his mum has never taken him and when he asks why she always makes a weird excuse. Here is a photo of the front cover. here is my favorite excuse ¨chlorine can make you itchy and you often find lumps of other peoples hair in swimming pools and some of it don't come from their heads but from other places.  
Image result for boy underwater book