Friday, 11 May 2018

the bounce hover shoe.

The bounce hover shoe.                                                    the past to weeks in Rimu class for writing we have been learning how to write a Non  Chronological  report. I learnt how to write a Non  Chronological  report. I found it difficult not to use you or your because we had to write in third person.this Non  Chronological  report is way better than my first one because I have used headings.

The name of the shoe is hover bounce. It has this name because the shoe has to cool fechas. The shoe was made in 3034 by the great enverner cooled Mikae with the help of his teammates.

The hover bounce is a unek shoe because you can travel in for difrit was in it. You can walk, run, bunce or hover. You can push a button on the shoe and it will let you bounce, there are to aros on it on pointing up and one pointing down. Then are to you can adjust how many meters you can bounce. It goes from 1 to 20. There is another button that you can push and it will make you hover. This is good for if you wolt to walk of a cliff because like with the bounce setting there are more aros and of you push the one that is pointing up you can hover hier. And with the one that is pointing down you can hover loer. There is also a butin you can push that will make it so you can just walk.

The bounce hover shoe is made of the leather so it looks normal but by a push of a butin the buyer can amaze his or her friends. The buyer can get it in different colors. There's orange yellow blue,black, and purple. This is important because the buyer might want a pear for everyday of the week.

The bounce hover shoe costs $100 this will probably be good for selling because it is a good deal for a shoe that can hover and bounce.

The bounce hover can be summed up it on word, awesome. 100% of the children said it was the coolest thing that have tried out.

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